Why You Need Golf Lessons

There are many golfers who benefit from taking golf lessons, but maybe you're not sure if you'd be one of them. You've never had lessons before and frankly, you don't know if you should take the plunge. Think about where you are right now in your golf game and then decide if lessons would be a good fit. You may want to take golf lessons if... 1. You've never played a day in your life, other than miniature golf, and that doesn't count. You want to get started on the right track and get a broad base built of the fundamentals. No sense starting off with bad habits that may be hard to break down the line. Learn how to hold the club, put power in your swing, and putt like a near pro from the beginning. It can certainly make your game more fun and less frustrating. 2. You're in a rut. You're not getting worse but you're not getting better. You're not having a good time and you're lacking self-confidence in your game. Maybe you keep practicing, but you're not practicing the right thing, i.e. skills that will improve your game. You don't even know exactly what you should work on. You're even considering giving up the game. 3. You want to improve your game. You want to take it to the next level, need to improve your handicap for a myriad of reasons, or have a tournament coming up and want to impress your boss. You realize the course is where a lot of business deals take place and you want to be a part of that. 4. You've picked up a bad habit somewhere. You don't know how it happened, but you've got a wicked slice going and you can't seem to find your balance. You can work on your putting, your chipping, your swing, or whatever you want to work on in lessons. If you're in private lessons the instructor will work with you one on one, in extreme detail, on your problem. Even if you're in group lessons, the pro will notice right off the bat what you need to work on. 5. You want to be a professional golfer. Let's face it; you need extra help and a fast track if you didn't start golfing at the age of four. You might be good and think you have a shot at turning pro in the future. Lessons here and now and often will help you see improvement faster than going it alone with just practice. Golf instructors know more than you do about the mechanics, and they can see what you're doing right and wrong. Golf is one of those areas where you never stop learning; even golf pros and golf instructors continue to take lessons themselves. You don't have to commit to a long run of lessons if you don't feel it's a good fit for you. You can opt for a short package or even one or two private lessons. Give it a go; what do you have to lose - except strokes off your game?


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