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Dear Reader -- Thank you for visiting GolfPoem.com.
Passion inspires poetry, and golfers are passionate about the game.  Hence a site devoted to golf poetry. 

All these poems are my own.  Please enjoy the poems, email them to your friends, sign up for the feed and email updates, and so on. 

If you would like to use the poems for any reason, that is fine with me.  In fact it's more than fine -- it would be great!  All I ask is that you link back to http://www.GolfPoem.com.

It is my hope that through these poems, you will stop to think about the game a little more deeply or in new ways.  And maybe enjoy the game a bit more the next time you play or practice.  And, hopefully, play better as a result. 


p.s.  I have two other golf sites that you should check out: GolfTipReviews.com, devoted to golf swing tips that are simple, easy, effective, memorable, and useful on the golf course, and How to Putt, where you'll learn what actually works on the putting green.  Please check them out!

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May all your putts roll true -- GolfTipEditor


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