Golf Verse: I Just Hit a Shot I'd Like to Forget

The golfer in this verse goes through the various stages of loss as he makes peace with the fact that he will never again see his beloved golf ball.  At first, it's the ball's fault for not "wanting to play".  But eventually he takes responsibility for his own bad swing and vows to to better next time.  Sort of profound?  Golf is a microcosm of life, they say...

I just hit a shot I'd like to forget,
It went the wrong way, and now my ball's wet.

That ball was a beauty--
I picked it myself.
So bright white and pure
Sitting there on the shelf.

But that ball has failed me--
It's gone off it's own way.
It's all for the best --
It just didn't want to play.

I'll just pick a new ball,
You know I have plenty.
Eager volunteers--
I must have more than twenty.

My last swing was all wrong,
Oh well.  That shot's over.
From where I now lie
I've got the perfect number.

So, onward I press.
My confidence re-bolstered.
The right line, a smooth swing,
Reload.  Re-holster.

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